The key to all of my projects are the people. Satisfying the needs of my clients is my main objective. Therefore I carefully study the objects that I design and create in order to meet my clients´ requirements and convey their emotions.

I am dedicated to the design and production of all types of items; for personal use, decoration or for public areas. I offer unique objects, for private and public environments. I am supported by a large multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals, which allows me to be highly effective in several disciplines. All of these factors ensure that my work is relevant to events in our social lives.

To reevaluate craft techniques and use these to create a new, innovative language with the use of different items and materials.
Looking to surprise, with pieces made by expert hands to create harmony and balance within spaces, to achieve better well-being and comfort.
My star project is the creation of awards with personality, using a variety of different materials and compositions according to the project requirements.
All designs are numbered and signed, identified by their corresponding Certificate of Authenticity.

My products are principally centered around three lines of work.
.-The traditional stone carving of motifs popular within our culture, as well as the inclusion of free themes
.-The replication and restoration of museum pieces
.-The most creative and artistic aspect encompassing grand-scale sculptures for public and private areas

We will continue to create unique objects with personality.
Innovation and new technologies for energy saving is a responsibility and a lifelong commitment.
Establishing a high quality standard, we defend the sole use of the best materials, preferably native, to avoid contamination by material transport and to ensure the sustainability of our environment.
We also work with suppliers to guarantee compliance with, and enforcement of, working and environmental standards.

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